Get Your Copy: Bricks to Clicks

Bricks to Clicks: Best Practices to Transition From the Classroom to Online by [Casale, Dr. Natalie, Knab, Dr. Ed, Lentz, Dr. Cheryl, Dr. Stephanie JW Ford, Dr. Stephanie JW, Sanders, Dr. Teresa, Pembridge, Dr. Richard, Dr. Yvonne L. Gonzalez, Dr. Yvonne L., Crystal Rose, Crystal]In a conversation this morning, I discovered that my colleague, Dr. Stephanie Ford had contributed a chapter to a fabulous new book called “Bricks to Clicks: Best Practices From the Classroom to Online” that will be available to all free of cost on Amazon. The authors have all been teaching online for over a decade, and they wanted to step up and be useful to educators in these troubled times.

The authors ask, “Are you an educator having to transition to the online environment because of Covid19? Help is on the way! This book was written to help our fellow educators. For many of the scholars in this book, we have been teaching in the online modality for decades. For those who have only taught in the world of brick and mortar, this may prove to be quite the challenge to make such a quick transition.”

If you need an amazing resource for making the transition to online, look no further. Thank you to Dr. Ford and the generous contributions of other scholars to help fellow teachers during this time. You rock!

Please keep sending us wonderful resources like Bricks to Clicks. We love free and open source content designed to support educators. Bring it on!


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2 thoughts on “Get Your Copy: Bricks to Clicks

  1. Great ideas. Our way of life is changing but I’m grateful we have the technology to make those transitions smooth. My granddaughter had her first on-line singing lesson yesterday. A huge success and safer for her pregnant teacher.

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    1. I love the image of your granddaughter’s lesson with her teacher. Your note here is such a bright spot to start my day! Thank you and I hope you are all happy and healthy, and fully sheltered in such confusing and unsettling times.

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